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Bean Lewandowska

About Bean

Instagram: @_beanslife_

Bean is a non-binary, vibrant (despite wearing mainly black) and self-admitted weirdo. They come from Poland and lived in the UK for a while now.  Nursing student and someone that is passionate about the LGBTQ+ community by spreading awareness, supporting causes related to transness and helping to improve people’s approach. They love a good movie, trip to an art gallery and good work out at the climbing wall.



They said no more 

You started in struggle so you will struggle 

All the support you think you had 

Taken away 



Like the organs that you don’t need

You just a child, you don’t know better 

It’s just a phase 

My personal fave 

I love the time living my ‘phase’

And I doubt I will ever go away

Living your truth with all the support

You clinging on to what you want 

And what you know

So fuck the tories and rise up  

Let’s do a riot 



Stand tall (that’s a good joke coming from me)

But yeah I’m proud to fight 

Beautifully scarred I carry on 

In hope to see one day 

A titless world with a path that’s yours


About the poem

"The decision of closure of GIDS (Gender Identity Developments Services) in the UK brought a lot of anger, frustration and sadness. It was an inspiration to put down some thoughts into words. It feels it is just a gentle way to express my feelings at the moment with a lot yet to say.

Having dealt with body dysphoria most of my life, I was lucky enough to get gender affirming surgery privately but, I realise how much harder the struggle young people in this country will be now."

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