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Evie Enby

“I recently launched my first poetry collection Your Eyebrows Are Wasted On A Boy, a collection about gender identity, society and a general struggling with the concept of existence."

"Home is about my relationship to the concept of a home, about where I have come from, where I am going and how my identity as a trans person ties into that.”

IG: @evie.enby



Home, it's not just a place

Nor a time

Home is stasis

Home is everything we long to leave

And can't wait to get back to

Home is family who love you

who may never understand you

I left home many times

To be me and to be other people

I pushed against the confines of comfort

To be worse than myself

and better than I ever thought I could be

Home doesn't change as you change alongside it

Maybe someday home will just a building

A four walled shell

When those that defined it are gone

And then what?

Some people strive to make new homes

When they outgrow their old ones

Home is commitment

The last time I went home

I stepped into a time machine

I became every version of myself I had run away from

And I cried

And I didn't want to leave

And I couldn't wait to get out of there

I've been trying to write a show about going home

A performance that neatly encapsulates the paradox

In a digestible metaphor

To quell the raging conflict of emotions that mars my soul

I think that to be queer is to know home uniquely

To dance across the temporal barriers

Of the whens and when-nots

To see every decision that built you

Within every context

To understand the heartbreaking beauty

The fragility of existence

In that moment home is everything

It is regret and it is hope

It is so hard to go home

Because Home is so honest

It is a raw, unflinching reflection of you

A mirror that is impossible to look away from

And impossible to break as you scrutinize every imperfection of self

And yet when Home is all these things

These harsh injustices of self

It is also history

It is safe, it is known

I fear going home

But I can't wait to find it again

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