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Gerard Segovia

Instagram: @global_diplomat

About Gerard

Gerard was born on our beloved planet earth. They use non-binary pronouns, have a  degree in Art and Architecture, work as an Art Consultant and volunteer at Humanists UK as Coordinator for Wakefield, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield and Leeds.  

They identify as a citizen of the world and believe that our true identity is globally interconnected and that it is crucial for our survival as humans to base our beliefs in current facts and truth rather than preconceived beliefs.

Their work is based on inspiring others to welcome new evidence and new ways of seeing and doing things, to become not just open minded but globally minded.

About their poetry

In my work I attempt to bring beauty to this world and shine the light of reason on a world that sadly is governed by morals based on ignorance rather than enlightened thoughts and ethics.

They were inspired by the Buddhist Nichiren's philosophy that “if one day we want to achieve world peace we must focus and concentrate in finding our own inner beauty & peace.”


Think More, Hate Less, Choose Love.

To be or not to be --

which came first - the race or the gender?

The chicken or the egg?

The testosterone or the estrogen?

The truth is that we all are made of blood, bones and flesh so why are we making such a mess when we all belong to the same human race?

In modern times we are not only a white or a black race - we are a mixed race as well and scientifically we are just a pile of blood, bones and flesh.

In the Czech Republic anthropologists have discovered that during the stone age they had third gender graves, so please allow yourself to embrace our natural non-binary human race.

If we all know that there is a mixed race, why is it so difficult to accept that there is a mixed sex?

Let’s face it - everybody in the human race has both female and male hormones running through our veins and in the chemistry of our brains.

So how can we still say that we can only be male or female when even cave people from the stone age knew this pretty well as they left behind third gender graves.

Nowadays, we are supposed to have more choices compared to the stone age so please choose love, think more and hate less, cause at the end of the day we are all just a pile of blood, bones and flesh.


Let’s Dare Together

Let's dare together and Let’s bring beauty to this world.

Who cares about your religion or the place you were born.

I dare you to think like a critical thinker from modern times and not like a savage from biblical times.

I dare you to think about what it is? 

Why do we hate so much others for flying free like birds.

I dare you to imagine that you are a bird, and dare you to fly away from your tree.  

Flying is not an illness, but this, maybe, is the reason why we hate other birds for taking pride in flying free even with wounded wings after many years of getting their wings brutally clipped.

Deep inside you know that flying feels right and that trying to blame the gays or the trans for your inability to dare and fly away from the false promises that you will be able to fly in the after life.

I dare you to think that you can fly instead of sleep walking towards an imaginary land without any human rights.

Think about it as this may be your last chance to live FREE for once. 

Let’s dare together for at least once, and Let’s fly across the beautiful sky of our mother’s earth-homeland... 


if you'd rather stay clinging to your cage and keep hating others for the sake of hate, I dare you to go and hate yourself.

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