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Live and online events!

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29th March 6PM - late

Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Tiered tickets for both events or full mini festival!

Poetry, live music, DJ club night, drag performance, art activities and more!

More performance TBC. Please email contactus(at)transmuted(dot)co(dot)uk if you're interested in performing at the event! 

For open mic sign ups, please email at the above address or on social medias.


Transmuted at The Bookish Type

19th January 7-9PM BST

The Bookish Type, 77a Great George Street, LS1 3BR

Come to The Bookish Type in Leeds to chat mad stuff with some of the contributors of issue 7! 

Featuring Loren Lepton, Johannes T. Evans, Dalton Harrison, and Dorian Rose.

Transgender History

22nd October 4-8PM UK TIME

Google Meet

Trans_Muted's third online workshop - exploring our trans* history, histories, historicities, historiographies. 


  • Tales of the Trans-Dar: Recognising and Imagining Ourselves in History, by Cas (curator, History of Design MA)

  • The History of Capitalism through Social Reproduction: Notes on Trans* Activism in Turkey, by Fili Gena (MA student at SOAS)

  • Reconstructing Transgender History: Historical Erasure, (In)visibility and the Critical Potential of Digital Spaces to Re-legitimise Trans Knowledge, by Christoffer Koch Andersen (activist, researcher)

  • Trans Heroes who shaped the U.S., by Arien Reed (artist)

Trans_Muted's third online workshop, about transgender history, history of art, history of capitalism, representation of genderqueer identities, and more!
Live launch party and concert fundraining for Trans Leeds.


10th June 6-11PM BST

Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Trans_Muted's second ever party, in short-running tradition fundraising for Trans Leeds! 


Poetry by Cait McKenna & Loren Lepton

Performances by king Cory Ander, Ro Kincaid, Lidocaine, Lavender Gray, and RatPakk! 

Trans-Naturalities & Trans-humanities

20th May 4-7PM BST

Google Meet

A workshop about the transgender side of ecology, technology & science fiction, where we discuss theories, films, and more!


  • Trans-Ecology: Relocating Humans Through a Queer Lens, by Rosa (anthropologist, Colletiva Transferelli)

  • Trans Tools & Organs, by ricc (philosopher, Trans_Muted)

  • Mad Science as A Sign of Oncoming Transgenderism, by Newt Albiston

An online workshop exploring themes of transgender ecologies, philosophy, science and science-fiction.
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