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Safer Space

This is a work-in-progress overview to outline how we can make our spaces safer for all attending. Please contact us via email if you've any ideas on how to improve!

Transmuted is a safe space for sharing advice, support, stories, knowledge, and so on. First and foremost, it is a place where everyone’s safety and comfort is paramount.

Mutual Respect

  • None of our spaces are open for judgement, disrespect, policing others’ ‘transness’, ability, and so on.

  • Listen to and respect others’ opinions and their lived experiences.

    • Remember that we are a diverse group of people with many different experiences of life and language: we all come from different households, cultures, and other areas of experience.

  • Do not assume anyone’s gender, pronouns, ethnicity, ability, culture, sexuality, religion, and so on.

  • Respect others’ right to speak and hold space.

    • Do not speak over people when they are discussing their own experiences.

    • Do not force a person to speak.

    • Do not consider a person’s not-speaking, or their leaving, as anything ‘improper’ or rude.

      • At any point in time, some people will have more spoons than others to engage in emotional labour. If you think a conversation could be considered off-topic and difficult in content, please respect the ability of others to remove themselves from the conversation. For example, by giving a content note and not assuming anything of those who do not partake in the conversation.​

  • If someone says you have done something wrong:

    • Apologise and move on, learning from the situation.

    • Contact a director/organiser with any queries about the situation.

      • We recognise that not all harmful acts are intentional, but it’s important to learn from them so they are not repeated. Asking for advice from someone other than the person who has pointed this out to you is one way to act. Requiring or expecting a response from the person who has pointed this out to you is not.

  • Any and all forms of aggressive behaviour towards another person will not be tolerated. Anyone exhibiting such will be blocked, restricted, or asked to leave the space until further notice depending on actions taken.

Confidentiality & Consent

  • Never disclose personal information about anyone without their express permission.

    • This includes, but is not limited to: gender, pronouns, religion, workplace, residency, income, disability, sexuality, and so on.

  • Do not photograph or record anyone or any group activity without the consent of those involved.

  • If you are going to discuss something which you think has even the slightest potential to be triggering/distressing to others in the room, ask if you can discuss it first.

    • You might ask by saying, for example, ‘I think this might be triggering for some people, is it okay if I discuss _____?’ - and wait for responses, or for people to leave.

    • Potential triggers include, but are not limited to, SA (s*xual assault), addiction, s*lf-h*rm, su*cide, abuse, racism, transphobia, and so on.

  • When seeing someone you met on the street or online, whether it be from working with Transmuted, a support group, or similar spaces, please remember their right to confidentiality. For example, do not mention ‘trans-related’ topics that might ‘out’ them around unsafe peers.  



  • Use content notes/trigger warnings where necessary (TW/CN) before your talk/performance/discussion/etc. begins, and when possible before the content arises during. Give ample time for people to vacate the space.

  • Never touch, discuss a difficult topic with, or privately message someone without their consent. For example, ask if a person wants a hug before doing so.

  • If a person feels the need to remove themselves from the space for a time, they will always be welcome to return without being required or expected to give an explanation for their departure.

  • Anyone is welcome to bring another person for support, so long as they respect the space, people, and safer space guidelines.


Social Media

  • Do not repost others’ work or shared content without their permission.

  • Do not message or add people on personal social media platforms unless they have given prior consent.

If you'd like to talk about these guidelines, please don't hesitate to email us at contactus(at)transmuted(dot)co(dot)uk

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