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What is transmuted?

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Transmuted is an independent trans organisation based in the North of England (currently directed by one absolute egg). 


Our primary goal is to strengthen alternative voices within trans spaces; to amplify the voices that are repeatedly silenced by wider society. To support & celebrate the trans community, help build links, mutual understanding and solidarity between ourselves and the wider community.

You can support the project by subscribing to quarterly journals, joining the Patreon, or checking out the shop for individual copies and more fab stuff! Check out socials & share the amazing trans work that is contributed to Transmuted <3


  • Creating spaces and platforms for trans people of all backgrounds to share their work.

  • Establishing safe spaces to learn and be ourselves.

  • To inspire and support trans arts and culture in all mediums.

  • Making trans culture more accessible to trans and non-trans people.

  • Giving the proverbial microphone to trans people, allowing them to represent themselves.

  • Using trans creativity and positivity to challenge transphobia.

Our Projects

One of our key projects is our journal, also called 'Transmuted', which we release quarterly.


The journal is one space we’ve created to platform trans artists and scholars, to elevate their voices and allow them to share their perspectives and experiences.


You can buy issues of our journal by clicking here or support the journal with a yearly subscription by clicking here.


We also host a number of events each year, both in-person and virtually.

These include workshops that allow for community education, knowledge-sharing and open discussion.

We also hold mini-festivals, which celebrate and showcase trans poetry, live music, drag, and other types of performance.

Please contact us via the email below if you'd like to: 

  • Stock our products: stickers, posters, art prints, journals, and zines for your shop.

  • Use our products to fundraise for your group / organisation / gender affirming care / project / etc. 

  • Hire our team for events, illustration, design, editing, and/or proofreading.


Email: contactus(at)transmuted(dot)co(dot)uk. 

Our Goals for the Future

We hope to expand our reach, create educational & uplifting zines, establish a firm status as a international cultural journal, distribute a wide plethora of trans work, publish anthologies, and host more (and bigger) events!


We want to also be more involved with community education - including continuing our 'Free University' workshops, our zine project, and incessantly asking the question 'what is this going on?' - not forgetting the importance to provide education on how non-trans people might better support and understand the trans community. 


We're certainly ambitious, and want to amplify trans voices as loud as possible!

How to Support us

Despite being a very small organisation run by a very small but eager and committed team, our costs are substantial.


We would really appreciate any financial support we can get to ‘keep the lights on’ and to help us make this project bigger and reach as many people as possible. 


The easiest way to support us is to subscribe to our journal or purchase stickers, prints and other things from our online shop.

The best way to support us is through direct donations. Please consider a monthly donation on our Patreon. Just a couple of pounds a month can help make a big difference in helping us promote trans voices. You can also provide a one time donation on PayPal.

The Team

Dorian Rose, founder and main editor of Trans_Muted
Dorian Rose

Dorian had the idea of creating an accessible space for the sharing of trans work (from all kinds of backgrounds) whilst studying an MA in Critical Theory in February 2022. They are putting all their time into Transmuted!


If you'd like to get involved in the project by offering services or affiliation, please send us an email or contact us on social media using the information below.

Contact Us

Send us a message or email --

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