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Transmuted is a growing trans led CIC (currently directed by one absolute egg) with the aim of strengthening alternative voices within trans spaces. 


Our logo is a megaphone: broken and reconnected by the many colours of the transgender community. When we are ‘muted’, we must find space for ourselves (and each other) to speak. Transmuted is like a trans-mutation out of and away from silence, but also a megaphone - to amply the voices of those among us that have been told to ‘keep it down’; and hopefully, a stage where trans* creativity and ingenuity can be celebrated.

You can support the project by subscribing to quarterly journals, joining the Patreon, or checking out the shop for individual copies and more fab stuff! Check out socials & share the amazing trans work that is contributed to Transmuted <3


  • Creating spaces & platforms for trans people from all backgrounds to share their work - away from problematicities.

  • Establishing safe spaces to learn, celebrate, and relax both within and outside the the trans community.

  • To encourage/inspire trans cultural work within all mediums - with a focus on accessibility. 

  • Occupying space for trans folk within a mainly non-trans society, 

  • Giving the proverbial microphone to trans folk, as we produce and find our own representation, narratives, and solidarity.

Great, so how do you do that?

Due to a lack of funding, reach, and a very small team, Transmuted focuses all of our efforts on quarterly journals, online workshops, the odd party, and small-scale projects.


Transmuted provides free illustration, graphic design, editing, proofreading, and advice - alongside a platform - for contributors. The aim is to keep the cost of our products as low and accessible as possible.  

We are constantly drumming up new ideas for future development - both to keep Transmuted ('TM') on its feet, and to pursue our aims in new ways! Quarterly workshops are one addition to our list, as spaces where we encourage discussion, self-representation, and trans communication in a collective format.


Our quarterly journal creates a space where trans folk can completely (and utterly) control their own voice. There are very little requirements to meet (outside of the submission guidelines, but that's for the sake of our editor and illustrator).


We also provide free illustrations to contributions where permitted, as we believe this can help make the journal more accessible. Free proofreading, editing, and design is also available, to give back to our wonderful community.


As aforementioned, we do our best to keep all our services and products as low in price as possible, as money is yet another barrier in community support. 

We also have a growing stash of posters and stickers that are kept for community organisations and social activists looking for material to sell for donations or dish out for other reasons. It is our hope that we will be able to raise money for our very own poster printer! 

Lastly, we provide training (and/or knowledge-sharing) wherever we can - do get in touch if you'd like some advice, a consultation, or have an idea for a workshop!


For workshops, our areas are cultural-political focused for trans education. For any new artists/writers/creators, we are here to provide support and share any knowledge that we have learned from our own experiences.

The Team

Dorian Rose, founder and main editor of Trans_Muted
Dorian Rose

Dorian had the idea of creating an accessible space for the sharing of trans work (from all kinds of backgrounds) whilst studying an MA in Critical Theory in February 2022. They are putting all their time into Transmuted!


If you'd like to get involved in the project by offering services or affiliation, please send us an email or contact us on social media using the information below.

Contact Us

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