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Interested in Submitting? 

If you're interested in submitting to the journal, we ask that you read through these guidelines for submitting.


Transmuted is currently ran largely by one person on an unpaid basis. If you would like to support the project, consider donating here. Submissions complete with information that you'd like to share about yourself, your work, and other projects are a great help in dealing with workloads: including headshots, logos, links, biographies, social media handles, and permissions on where to use them. 

As Transmuted is a journal for transgender, gender non-normative, non-conforming, non-binary, non-gender, and other non-cis people: we ask for submissions only by people who identify with the subject matter of the journal (gender non-normativity).


  • Transmuted is transgender journal.
    We ask for submissions related to gender: whether it’s directly or indirectly related to issues with the cisgender norm, we don’t mind.


  • We accept all kinds of work! 
    Digital art, photography, poetry, short stories, opinion pieces, essays, articles, reviews – anything else, submit it and we’ll see if we can make it work!


  • Worried about your spelling, grammar, style, or something else? 
    We’re always available to talk about your worries, so don't be afraid to get in touch! This is a place for emotion, connection, and ideas – whatever you create has a space, and we’re here to help to share your work.


  • Any submission may be completely anonymous or attributed to a pseudonym according to your preference. Send us an email from an anonymous account, or you can request a name for your work to be attributed to.

  • You have full ownership of your work.
    ​​We wholeheartedly encourage you to publish your work elsewhere - just as much as we love to publish your already-published work!

  • Please email us if any changes are made to the information you share

Further guidelines on submissions

Email us at: contactus(at)transmuted(dot)co(dot)uk or look us up on social media!

Submit via email

Submission guidelines

General Guidelines

  • If you are submitting finished work:

    • If you have a biography, are working on other projects, headshots, graphics, images, etcetera - we'd love to share whatever you want to share about yourself on our site and social media! Be sure to include these details in an email, message, form, or suited document.

    • If you have a title, (and/or the above) please also include this in the submission if possible - in an email, message, form space, or document attached.

    • Please do not send written work as images unless to do otherwise is inaccessible.

  • If you are submitting a work-in-progress:

    • Send us a description or abstract of your work, all the deets that you want to share at this point in time. 

    • Let us know what your personal time frame is, if possible. We don't expect work to have a reference, but also don't want to annoy you with any emails about deadlines if you're not working on the piece for a specific issue! This helps us understand how best to work with you and ourselves.

Written Work

  • Poetry (up to 5 poems, but please be aware that only one poem will be in print)

  • Essays (personal or academic, 1 per submission window, up to 4,000 words total)

  • Memoir (up to 2 short pieces or 1 longer piece, up to 4,000 words total)

  • Fiction (up to 3 short pieces or 1 longer piece, up to 4,000 words total)

  • Minimum word count: 2 words. Or even 2.5 words, if you’re feeling jazzy.
    However, we won’t accept any written work that does not relate to anti-normativity. Acceptable examples include: ‘transgender = normal’, ‘transphobes are kinda stinky tho’, ‘down with normativity’, and so on.'

  • Please submit your work via a word document (.docx), google document, or other editing-accessible file type – avoiding .pdf format where possible unless as a reference. This is to ease the workload put on our editor!

    • You may have to email this file to us, as the website form has presented some issues.

    • Email: contactus(at)transmuted(dot)co(dot)uk​

  • Remember to specify any requirements as to the formatting of your piece to us when sharing your work: purposeful spelling 'mistakes', required spacing between lines, required alignment (to the left, middle, right of the page), formatting that you missed in your shared piece, and so on. We will always use italics, punctuation, and spacing where evident in shared documents.

Artwork (Images and Text) 

  • Issues are A5 and are now printed in colour throughout!

  • We prefer .png, .pdf, .jpeg formats - shared via google drive, weTransfer, email, our google form for submissions, or similar platforms. 

  • Cap on images - we are able to share as many images on our site as you wish, but in issues we will have to work with space constraints. Feel free to share your work with us in whatever abundance you're comfortable, and we can let you know what space is available in the upcoming issue to dedicate to your project(s)!

  • If you want to share text with your artwork: 

    • For biographies: we recommend sending either a short (50 words or so) biography to go alongside your piece, and any longer biography will be shared on our site due to issues of space. 

    • For written work: we love to share 'multi-media' work! Please refer to other guidelines for general & written formatting. 

Further Guidelines (PDF)​

Questions to Answer When Submitting

Would you like to be made a collaborator on your Instagam post? This means that it will show on your own feed as well a Transmuted's.

Thanks for submitting!

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