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My name is Adam and I go by he/him and they/them pronouns. I identify as both Gay and Queer and I love to write poetry. I try to perform at open mics and spoken word slams whenever I can. If you enjoy my work, please give me a follow at @avaroqu!

My poem is about a past a relationship I was in. I wrote it as way to both remember the person and for myself to heal from that experience. I wrote my poem through the course of many nights thinking what I would want to say if I ever had the chance to speak with this person again.


My Constellation

I promise you, it’s true, I loved you.

My rainbow lips flew when it met your

cherry blossom pink, white, and cotton candy blue.

Like a constellation in the night sky,

You guided me like a sailor, how can I even deny?

Without you, I’m like a hurricane without its eye,




You captured me, like a hunter with its prey.

Though, I flew willingly to you each day.

What can I say?

I was a moth drawn to your transcendent flame.

We have no one to blame but destiny.

To your majesty, I knelt,your mark left on my belt.

With you gone, all I have is the memory of you,

you left me feeling all blue,

with no one else to turn to.

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