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AJ Turner

AJ (he/him) is a Fine Artist who explores his trans identity throughout his work using media film, writing and conceptual communication.

The Man is Complex is a poem discussing how I fit into the perceived standards of masculinity, inspired by the motifs of masculinity discussed in the movie, 'Fight Club'

IG: @a.jtheartist


The Man is Complex

The Man is Complex.

The man who watches,

without the perversion.

The man with lack,

is sub due.

The man who is digital,


Creating a presence with interruptions. The man of high frequency;

has a Short Stature.

The man of heavy,

has no inertia.

The man observed,

is misconstrued.

The medicated man,

is awaiting his arrival.

The man who is comfortable,

wears starchy socks.

The man mustn’t have possessions.

The man who dreams,

gains the ability from inverted analog violence. The man who thinks,

is a Philosopher.

The man who works,

is a labourer.

The man who starts to smirk,

wears armour of wool.

The man who aspires,

has greed.

The Man who wears pink.

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