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Chloé Carolina Hudson

"I am Chloe, I have been writing poems and short stories focusing on love and romance for most of the last 5 years, in that time I have spent time on trying to spread Trans Joy as well as exploring concepts like love, dating and physical intimacy through both an aromantic and transgender perspective, this involves creating loving stories and safe mental spaces through my poems, stories and lived experiences that I turn into stories."

IG: @lovingly_loveless


Pottery Studio

Sitting before mounds of pink and blue clay

Half done sketches and vague ideas taking shape in my mind

I look upon my studio of scrap paper

Messy canvases and broken pottery

I can picture it all in my head, exactly as I want it

So taking a lump of clay, I begin

The wet clay sticks to my hands

slowly drying up and cracking

My hands are trembling

As I create a soft malleable body

Cutting away the parts I hate, adding and shaping those I love

I look at my reflection, and sculpting every millimetre,

My tired hands turn it into clay

My hopes, aspirations and dreams

Given shape at last

And eventually, it’s finished

A sculpture cracked, flawed and imperfect

Rough and a little damaged

But it’s mine

Ready to be baptised by the fires of the kiln

Gently and delicately, I let safe, soft hands

Run down the cracked, flawed surface

Of the image I have sculpted for myself

I am a delicate piece of pottery

Like the ones on the shelves of old shops

Shaped, by hand, with love

I want to be picked up

Taken home to be loved

By someone who has also sculpted themselves in their own perfect image

So we may be perfectly imperfect in a way nothing else can be

Once we broke the mould and crafted ourselves in never-before-seen ways

We saw the beautiful colours, the creativity

All the beauty of the world arranged

Like art in a gallery, pottery in a studio

And we can experience it all



He puts his hand down my waistband

The other slipped up my shirt

Tenderly, gently, slowly

Slowly and surely,

Grabbing hold, I feel safe

our hands search as we explore

Every part of us

We see our reflections in each other

Hearts beating in time

Missing the pieces of ourselves

We see in each other

Something sparks between us

Pain, joy, understanding, love?

Flying all around us

Everything makes sense all at once

And I feel it


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