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Flavio Picchi

"I'm Flavio Picchi, an androgyne non binary writer and video artist based in Rome. With my writing I wish to tell the influence of today's 'accelerated landscape' over our bodies and show how queer practices and patterns can help us cope."



Earthly Delights

Mudbath footprints on white tiles 

leaving schoolgirl earwhisper behind. 

Apocalypse pixelstorm: 

bloody dark spot in  the yard. 

Androgynous ghost: 

clock hands, wired petals and rust 

stretching invisible arms 

longing for a self to slash 

for a mind to rip 

into a void of morbid rush. 

Celestial engines plug in our backs 

to find one’s screen: 

blurred border of a dream, 

floating mirrored sex, 

the ‘thing’, I mean 

still hanging above my mind.

It burns a hole: 

it would be easier to die. 

Surrender, at last. 

Atomic crystallizing reflections 

remember me, 

this body made of land. 

It’s me! I’m the whole: 

this might be an angel instead. 

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