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Kai Frog (they/he) is a multidisciplinary artist, drag creature, and poet. Under the paint, Kai lives in Manchester (UK) with their cat Muffin. He enjoys absorbing queer theatre and film, the world of drag, creating art through textiles, printmaking and ceramics and writing poetry.

IG: @frogb0i FB: @itzFrogb0i YT: @Frogb0i



Are you feeling better?

How are you?

Have you had the surgery?

How long have you been on


Isn’t that a bit hardcore?

Why would you do that? And

are you feeling better?

Top or bottom?

Do you self-inject?

What do your family think?

Was the recovery painful? And

are you feeling better?

But you looked SO good

before... Why did you choose

your name?

Are you still in therapy? And

are you feeling better?

Send us a dick pic?

How is it going babes?

Trans boys are “so soft”

How do you have sex?

Do you have a boyfriend? No?


Are you straight now?

Where you trapped in the

wrong body? And are you

feeling better?

Genitals are not the main course

am yet to find a cis gay

man who makes me feel divine.

They cannot spare the time to

learn, that my trans body has

different buttons and

switches that must be

carefully aligned; and that

their cis genitals are not

better than mine.

Their satisfaction is not

more important than mine.

They don’t earn a gold star

of “ally ship” for

interacting with my body.

Their genitals are not the

main course. It should go as



Words - whispered,

Hands - held,

Neck - kisses, Hair - twirled

Main course: Me

Main course: Me

Main course: Me

Dessert: cis gay man


Their scars were in the same

place as mine,

And as our bodies


My mind realised that for the

first time in my life,

I felt pride, to be alive.



Trans boys cry too is a mixed media repurposed baby photo of me, with collaged letters from The Sun, well known to publish anti-trans media. The word “Trans” is cut from a piece supporting the bathroom bill. I made it as a way to feel comfy with dysphoria-inducing childhood photos of me, whilst also wanting to raise awareness and squash the stereotype that boys don’t cry and process toxic masculinity."

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