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Instagram: @j4ke_ash_

About the poem

This poem is "about the anger that comes with being trans i made it when i had a bit of a crisis while waiting for hormones everything become to much

i love so many parts of being trans but it can be very tiring at times. it’s started of as a rant and kinda turned into a poem."


Trans Rage

I’m tired of it all.  

I’m tired of being scared day in and day out. 

I’m tired of spending every penny of my minimum wage job on hormones and surgery I’m tired of not having accessible toilets 

I’m tired of being scared if i’m safe every time i meet someone 

I’m tired of being met with hate and bigotry  

Im tired of having a government who doesn’t believe i should have rights 

Im tired of being misgendered by bigoted cis people 

I’m tired of proving myself 

Im tired of being told i’m so brave

Im tired of being scared if i pass 

Im tired of using public toilets 

I’m tired of having to correct people 

I’m tired of having to educate people 

I’m tired of hurting my body to feel comfortable 

I’m tired of being on edge round cis people 

I’m tired of not being treated with respect 

I’m tired of people debating my rights 

The list is endless. 

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