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Mal Fox

Malin Fox (he/they) is a disabled, autistic, adhd, aroace, non binary transmasc poet, crafter, artist and activist based in York, where he lives with his partner, child and 2 cats. His work focuses mainly on his experience of mental illness, neurodivergence, and queerness.

"I saw a post on tiktok where someone joked that the T in LGBT stands for Trouble, and it gave me an instant idea, and I built the final piece over the next few days. It's a call to community, to solidarity, and a reassurance that we will always prevail."

IG: TikTok: @malfoxxxy



T is for Trouble, because if you deny our existence, you can expect our resistance

T is for Tenacity, because our existence is persistence

T is for Titties, both growing, and going.

T is for Timberrrrrrr, because when you cut one of us down, we will carve their name into the


T is for Taboo, because they want us to quietly disappear

T is for Tumultuous, because we will say it loud, and say it proud, and we may bring bricks

T is for Tactics, because we have been forced into a war

T is for Temerity, because we boldly go where the haters don’t want us to go

T is for Terrifying, because we bring our wrath with our pride

T is for Timbre, because we raise our multitude of voices in unison,

T is for Temper, because we are forged in the heat of battle

T is for Trust, because we will catch you if you fall

T is for Trials, because it feels like we are judged from all sides

T is for Tribulations, because it feels like a gauntlet we're forced to run

T is for Tremendous, because we are magnificent

T is for Tribute, for we are sacred, make your offering here

T is for Truth, because we will not let lies bring us down

T is for Together, because we are strong when united

T is for Triumph, because we will win in the end

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