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Murphy Farrell

Murphy is a writer, editor and academic. They are currently working on a thesis about sapphic modernisms, running a survivor-led residency called Matters of Consent, and are a lecturer at Glasgow University

IG: @mattersofconsent


Field Change

In this moment, I am dreaming

Of a pregnant taughtness -

My stomach standing proud

Of this treacherous breast,

And that cleft between my thighs. 


In current sensory hell, 

I am dreaming of little bodies - 

Film-wrapped flesh-of-my-flesh,  

Thinking themselves alonestanding,

While cells migrate to spooky toes. 


From this painful middle, 

I am dreaming of your cells - 

Like the bugs and drugs who are

Now forever flatmates (in cellular cohabitus),

Sharing in these strange matters.  

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