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Mx. Adam Khan


"I’m a non-binary, neurodivergent social activist, community leader and academic who has been working with and for marginalised peoples since 2017. Gender to me is free from any perceptions which people place on the word. It’s something that has meaning to everyone individually.

For people who may be struggling with cisnormativity, my advice would be to know that we know ourselves individually, and that we are constantly evolving as each day passes. Your true self today is valid, just like you true self tomorrow will also be valid. It can, but doesn’t need to be the same self as today."


Queer and Done

Done am I with the establishment

Publicly propping up the gender criticals

TERF and SWERF ideology being accepted

Platforms given to literal fascists 

Done am I with the violence

Murders motivated by systematic discrimination

Affecting my QTIPOC siblings disproportionately

So I stand with each and every one of them 

Done am I with the waiting lists

Prolonging the mental agony

To get the recognition and changes

Which should be self-determined 

Done am I with the microaggressions

Misgendering and malice

A daily barrage

On a daily basis 

Done, I am

With the UK


Gender Deconstructed

Your old ways of thinking are so queer,

The future is now and it’s genderqueer.

Your construction of the gender binary,

Has been destructed by one non-binary.

I use they/them/their,

It’s what I always share.

I embrace gender nonconformity,

And it works for me, harmoniously.

My title Mx.,

Is not complex.

My pronouns are required, not preferred,

And all neopronouns should be affirmed.

Just because I look cisgender,

Does not mean I’m not transgender.

I do not owe you androgyny,

Within this prevalence of heteronormativity.

This is my own gender expression,

It is not a sign of regression.

The medical model demanding gender dysphoria,

Disregards my gender euphoria.

Gender is different to sexual or romantic orientation,

The constant comparison needs cessation.

It isn’t just to forbid,

The reality of the genderfluid.

Multiple identities within me intersect,

Each one working together to connect.

Everything is socially constructed,

Race, gender, and disability should be deconstructed.

The personal is the political,

Global change is critical.

Despite the daily misgender,

I won’t accept or surrender.

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