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Penny Pound / Zasha White

Instagram: @pennypounddrag

About Zasha

"Hi I'm Zasha White AKA Penny Pound the drag queen. I'm a nonbinary person who lives in Brighton.

I use my drag to channel trans activism. True feminism. And a huge message of consent protection and love for our community."

About Zasha's poetry

"My inspiration comes from literally being fed up of trans and non binary people being hated for not being understood. For the sheer need to talk about the fact we aren't a threat to anyone. And also to shine a beacon of hope on the united love of the community and how we can over come hate and persecution together. 

I have written a poem for a gig I will be hosting in Brighton on the 31st of March 2024. It is all nonbinary/trans organisers and performers. 2023 we raised over 400 pounds for the Claire Project. [...]

The event we are raising money for Rainbow Migration this year. Helping trans non binary and other members of the community who are refugees in the UK. The promotions company is called Fallopian Tunes and is run by H - a really lovely caring enby individual who does all the organising to bind us together and to raise money for amazing charities.”


Keep Transing On

Bind us together don't rip us apart,

We're not your political football,

We've been fighting from the start

Attack from all angles, fuelling fear 

Losing our youth before their time Lives that should be living, not victims of hate crime

Pronouns are just basic grammar So be respectful and use them

I'm sorry that I make you


It's a shame you can't comprehend

That gender binaries can shift and bend, from your norms.

For all the people praising gammon scum 

Like Richie Sunak using us a distraction

We're not your scapegoat for your failures

Or for your embezzlement.

Of taxpayers money 

Or your investment in war.

Picking on minorities is weak and feeble

Queer is the real punk not the new

We're seams in the jacket of punk

TERFs are the new communists

Masquerading as feminists. 

When Power comes from love not hate 

Community has paved the way.

And unified together, we're here to fuck**g stay.

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