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Ziggy DeBerry

About Ziggy - Instagram: @asapwurm

"My name is Ziggy DeBerry and I am a queer and non-binary writer/sex educator based in San Francisco. I moved to San Francisco at 18 to attend SFSU and study cinema. I decided to leave State, and later pursued a certification in Sex Education.

In the last few years I have had the pleasure of participating in multiple creative programs for BIPOC LGBTQ+ transitional youth including LYRIC and the Queer Ancestors Project.

In my free time I love writing, watching movies/TV, long drives to scenic spots and charcuterie boards with friends. I am deeply passionate about being an advocate and cheerleader for my community and peers, and I feel privileged to represent all the communal love I’ve received in my work."

Art by Dorian Rose / @dori.oki

A seed, A butterfly 


I feel myself slipping 

Within and into 

Your grasp 

And I’ve never felt 

My body light up 


Such caution 

And anticipation 

Small shocks and 

Soft touches along my skin 


And Powered by 

A generator above my ribs 

The indescribable


To for once be seen,

To hear I was wanted 

All along 

To feel the gentle

Humanity of being 

Engulfed and enthralled 

By one 

Who shares the same 

Scars as me. 

I feel my voice 

Nestle in the pit of 

My throat 

While my body cries 

To be seen 

As I am. 

As I want to be. 

As I wish I was. 

And maybe you 

Could see 

The canyon I inhibit 

Not the curves, and 


Of someone blessed 

With less evidence 

Of fertility.

Maybe you could 


‘Yes sir; please sir’

Without hesitation. 

Id run my polished nails 

Along your chest 

While you sit with 


You’d decide my 

Every breath 

And with every

Bit of pressure 

I’d become all 





You’ve ever wanted.

I’d be an abundance 

Of anything 

You’d wish. 


marks along 

Your skin;

 Id wear 

Any infliction 

In elation 

That I was good 

Or bad 

For you. 

That I was able to 

Do it all 

And collect my chest 

In my hands 

As I found 

My boxers.

We’d both sit 


Each other 

Forgiving the other 

For being so 


so strapping

All at once. 

You’d forgive 

Me for the 

Body I was 

Born with. 

Id long to 

Have something 

Like yours. 

And yet I could hope 

That in these 

Small exchanges 

I would be enough 


Everything more. 


About A seed, a butterfly

"This is my ode to T4T love. I think finding ways to love yourself through loving someone that shares your scars is a beautifully unique and trans experience.

There is such a sweet and sparkly feeling that comes with feeling fully seen and fully accepted. I am deeply passionate about queer/trans sexuality and expression, and my goal is always to create work lined with joy and love.

Queer and Trans folks deserve something raunchy, loving, honest and joyful. I consider myself lucky to communicate that through my work."

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