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Pay for our four quarterly journal releases up front, so you don't have to keep coming back to our site. You'll get a nice surprise every so often, and will be able to get our issues as soon as they come out. Fill up your shelves with trans creations! 


You will get a copy of the issue that is currently in print, plus the next three issues - so rounding out to 365 days of subscription.


If you'd like to start your subscription with a copy of the next issue (not the one that is currently in print), please leave a note in your comments or send an email!


Shipping is included in the price of this product.


If postage costs go up, you will not have to pay extra during the time of your subscription.



Year Subscription

  • We will do cancellations (refunds or exchanges) for subscriptions if wished to end before their devised time - no refund will be given for already sent issues, refunds or exchanges will be for the amount of money left over from any issues not sent. Please contact us at our email contactus(at)transmuted(dot)co(dot)uk for any questions. 

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