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Please do not hesitate to ask questions about your submission at any point.

Help with grammar, spelling, editing, and formatting is freely available. Transmuted is a safe space for discussing your work!

If your submission file size is too big, or is not working please use WeTransfer, Google Drive, or email to us.

Submission guidelines are available here.

Please note that Transmuted is currently ran by one person, and this can cause response times to be a little long. 

If you have not been notified about receipt of your submission within two weeks, or if you're anxious about your submission, please do not hesitate to email. 

Emails are sometimes in the junk folder or haven't been sent due to an angry internet connection.

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Would you like to be made a collaborator on your Instagam post? This means that it will show on your own feed as well a Transmuted's.

Thanks for submitting!

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