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 Take a look at all the terrific transgender contributions over the lifespan of Transmuted! 

Transgender studies icon, Mario Mieli, sits in the background behind a text saying Trans Studies

 Essays, articles, and books on the topic of gender, intersectionality, and non-normativity.  

A digital drawing of a trans masc person binding their chest, behind text saying Art.

Here you can find some of the amazing artworks submitted by trans artists.

A digital drawing, realism, of a black trans person wearing binding tape and shorts, in the background behind text saying Poetry.

Poignant poems on gender, emotions, cisnormativity, and more.

A digital drawing, in a scribble sort of style, showing only their face seeming dejected. In front, there is text saying Short Stories, and You Never Told Me You Were Trans.

 Check out these short stories written by some prolific trans writers. 

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